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  B. dubia Roach Starter Colony

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Jamie's Tarantulas Dubia Roach Starter Colony. This kit includes everything you need to grow and breed your own dubia!

Dubia starter kit includes:

200 Mixed dubia nymhs*
6 Adult Male dubia
10 Adult Female dubia
Locking tote with three 2" vents (approximately 16x12x11)
4 egg crates
Cardboard dividers (not pictured)
1/2oz water crystals (Absorbs 1/2 gallon of water)
Quart bag of dubia chow

$95 Limited availability.

*Our mixed nymphs typically include 100 small dubia, 75 Medium dubia, & 25 Large dubia. However, we reserve the right to substitute based on current availability. We will always include a good mix of different size nymphs. Free generous over-count.

Dubia are a filling, nutritious food source for your tarantula, reptile or amphibian. Free over-count with every dubia order.

Dubia females will take 4-6 weeks after shipment to settle in and start producing nymphs. Each female can produce 20-40 live young per clutch. I suggest separating your feeders from the breeding colony. This way your females are disturbed as little as possible and you can maximize your colony's production. Females gestation period is 28 days but they can "abort" the eggs early if they feel it is unsafe to birth young. Dubia only breed over 68 degrees. The use of a heat pad may be required in the winter.

I recommend feeding your dubia fresh fruit and vegetables twice a week. Grated carrots, applesauce fresh bananas & oranges are a staple for my roaches. Make sure the fruit is well-washed. Organic is highly recommended.

It is possible that your dubia enclosure and accessories will be shipped separately from your dubia roaches.

What's the deal with dubia roaches?

-Dubia have little or no odor, especially when compared to crickets.
-Dubia do not die off like crickets do.
-Dubia are flightless and cannot climb smooth surfaces
-Dubia don't "hop away." They will often cling to your hand or finger.
-Dubia are more nutritious than crickets
-No more going to the pet store every week
-Dubia are considered to be non-evasive. I have had some get loose in the house and they will perish usually within 24 hours. I have no fear of them taking over my living space like other species of roach will.
-You can control the size of your colony as they will not reproduce below 68 degrees

The only thing I have found that I don't like about dubia is their ability to hide in a T's enclosure. They will burrow or wedge themselves in an inconspicuous place. If you tong feed your tarantulas this should not be a problem. Some tarantulas who have eaten crickets all their life are sometimes afraid of dubia at first. Be patient and resist the urge to feed the tarantula a cricket. Try a smaller dubia and offer it until the tarantula takes it.

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