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  Lasiodora klugi (Bahia scarlet birdeater) 1"+

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Lasiodora klugi (Bahia scarlet birdeater) This is one of the largest and thickest of all tarantulas when full grown. Sizes in the norm of 8" leg span and up to 10". A close relative of Lasiodora parahybana, Lasiodora klugi is thicker in build and has brighter red "hair" than it's cousin. It is wonderful to experience the incredible transformation from a small sling to an extremely large spider. With each molt its change in size is almost unbelievable. Incredible prey drive the Bahia scarlet will not dissapoint come feeding time. Docile yet skittish Bahia scarlet birdeaters are hardy and can make a good first tarantula.

Pictured is one of the spiderlings currently for sale. Click here to see what an adult looks like.

Recommended Enclosure: Terrestrial Juvenile Enclosure Kit

Food: This specimen is currently feeding on; “Pinhead” rusty reds, Small dubia

and can also eat: Pinhead crickets, Small pet-store crickets (most), Crickets, Small mealworms