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  Augacephalus ezendami (Mozambique gold baboon) 1/2-3/4"

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Rarely available in the hobby this baboon species is beautiful. Pictured is one of the spiderlings available. They're not yet showing that striking and unique adult color. The Mozambique Baboon are known to be one of the calmest of the Baboon Tarantulas and would make a good starter Old World species.

Unsexed: This tarantula is sold as “unsexed” as it is FAR TOO SMALL to determine or even guess as to the gender of the specimen. When specimens are large enough to determine sex, they will be sold as such. We pick only the best-looking specimens to ship.

Recommended Enclosure: Terrestrial Spiderling Enclosure Kit

Food: This specimen is currently feeding on; “Pinhead” rusty reds

and can also eat: Flightless Fruit Flies: D. hydei, Pinhead crickets