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Adult Tarantula Enclosure
Adult Tarantula Cage
Our Price: $69.00
Arboreal Spiderling kit measures 2 1/4" square x 4 1/4" tall. This kit is recommended for arboreal spiderlings under 2"and  includes; Cube with 1" vent, Cocofiber substrate, Tree moss, Corkbark & Silk plant The Jamie's Tarantulas Adult Tarantula Cage is designed for use with arboreal or terrestrial tarantulas. Cages are CNC-machine precision cut and hand assembled here in the USA.
Acanthoscurria geniculata Acanthoscurria geniculata
The female currently available (pictured) is from a 2011 clutch and has never been bred. Acanthoscurria geniculata (Brazilian giant white-knee) can reach 8" length! Red abdominal hairs and bright white leg bands contrast it's nearly black body.