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Adult Tarantula Enclosure
Adult Tarantula Cage
Regular Price: $69.00
Arboreal Spiderling kit measures 2 1/4" square x 4 1/4" tall. This kit is recommended for arboreal spiderlings under 2"and  includes; Cube with 1" vent, Cocofiber substrate, Tree moss, Corkbark & Silk plant The Jamie's Tarantulas Adult Tarantula Cage is designed for use with arboreal or terrestrial tarantulas. Cages are CNC-machine precision cut and hand assembled here in the USA.
Acanthoscurria geniculata
Haplopelma Species FEMALE #202
Regular Price: $89.00
Pictured is the beautiful and fierce female currently for sale. Ceratogytus darlingi is also known as the straight horned baboon or the African black horned tarantula. This very unusual species has a black "horn" protruding from the center of it's carapace. The "horn" will will continue to grow into adulthood. C. darlingi can grow to over 5" in length. These un-sexed juveniles have already started to grow their horn.