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  Flightless Fruit Fly Colony D. hydei

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16oz Flightless fruit fly colony. They are perfect for small spiderlings and will continuously produce food for many weeks. D. hydei are approximately 1/8" long and are great for slings between .3 and 1"

-FFF are great for spiderlings that are still too small to feed on dubia or small crickets
-FFF do not hide in an enclosure and are easy for a young spiderling to find and eat
-FFF have little or no odor, especially when compared to crickets
-FFF colonies do not die off like crickets do. They have a food & water media that keeps them alive and breeding
-FFF are flightless but they are able to climb smooth surfaces
-FFF are easy to catch when they escape. They can't move very fast.
-No more going to the pet store every week

CARE: If the temperature and/or humidity changes dramatically it can cause conditions that kill off the colony. Make sure nothing is put on top of the colony as they need ventilation. It is important to keep your colonies warm. 75-80 degrees is ideal. Although, I have had success breeding them with temperatures varying between 65-88. The substrate the flies are packed with is refereed to as “media.” The flies will use this media as a source of food. The media contains a mold inhibitor - although spots of mold can still grow on the dead flies and on places in the excelsior (aspen wood-strings. These strings resemble tangled hay) - this is normal and to be expected. Sometimes a white rift can form at the surface of the media which is usually caused by excess moisture on the surface of the media. Firmly knock the colony at a 45 degree angle on a hard surface. This will expose a bit of fresh media and all the flies need to keep the colony going strong.

LIFE CYCLE: Larva will be visible in 8-10 days with new flies appearing in 14-20 days.

CONTROLLING POPULATION: Excess flies will eat the media and reproduce in it. If left uncontrolled, a colony will become extremely overpopulated, use up all of it's resources (media), and die out quickly. Unless you need hundreds of flies in a short period of time I highly suggest culling/dumping many of the extra/un-needed flies outside. This can significantly increase the lifespan of your colony.

FEEDING: Make sure the colony is upright. Knock the colony on a hard surface. All the flies will be knocked to the bottom of the colony. Quickly open the lid and shake a few flies from the culture. Quickly knock the colony again to push flies back to the bottom so the lid can be secured. Carefully pinch the flies one by one and drop them near the spiderling.
Feeding Your Spiderling Flightless Fruit Flies