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Arboreal Spiderling Kit Set-Up: C. versicolor Part II

This is an update to Part I. Click here to read: Arboreal Spiderling Enclosure Set-Up: C. versicolor Part I.

Update at 1 week:

I was gone for the weekend and we were expecting cooler, rainy weather. Not so! Blueberry dried out more than I would have liked. If anyone wants to know if their enclosure is way too dry for a C. versicolor, this is a good example.

Blueberry is thirsty enough to come down onto the substrate in search of water.

It is important to let the enclosure dry out every so often to help prevent mold and mildew however, if left like this much longer it could cause a problem…

…so let’s give it a little mist!

…but don’t mist with a heavy hand! Too much moisture can be just as problematic as too little.

Update at 10 days: 

Notice the enclosure is already quire dry again after 2 days? Keep in mind you’ll likely have to mist more often if the air surrounding the enclosure is warm and dry vs. cooler, more humid conditions.

Given some time to settle and hydrate today Blueberry is hangin’ out the front door in what we refer to as the “I’m hungry pose”

So let’s feed Blueberry!

With my Arboreal Spieling and Arboreal Juvenile enclosure kits I will do one of two things. If I don’t have time to watch them eat I might put a roach or two on the substrate. If I have a minute or two I feed using the Upside-Down Method. 

The first step is to carefully remove the enclosure lid containing the little arboreal tarantula. Like so:

The tarantula will likely be unsettled when the enclosure is moved. If possible, let the enclosure rest for a few minutes before offering food. This way the tarantula will have a little time to relax after it’s been moved and flipped over.

Then add one single appropriate-sized roach and wait:

…Got it!

Carefully flip it rightsize up. If you’re gentle enough it won’t disturb the tarantula too much. Although the photo is out of focus we can still see this is one happy C. versicolor!

Update 12 days:

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