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New 15-Day Price Guarantee

We appreciate our customers. In order to  better serve you we've implemented a 15-day price guarantee on all our tarantulas. This way if you buy a tarantula from Jamie’s Tarantulas and if that tarantula goes on sale within 2 weeks of buying it, you can request a store credit voucher for the difference!

Please note the size & gender must be identical to sale item.

How do I request my voucher?

Send us:

1. Your full name & the order number 

2.What item(s) qualify for the voucher and the difference owed

& we will email you a Store Credit Coupon Voucher can be used towards a future order (of tarantulas) within 90 days of the issue date.

How does the 15-day price guarantee apply to freebies?

Was the order placed in the last 15 days? If so we can apply the total spent on tarantulas and feeders to a new order in order to qualify for a higher-tier freebie!

For example: Anna ordered 12 days ago for a total of $150 of tarantulas without shipping. If another order is placed today during the freebie offer for $150 (without shipping) Anna qualifies for the $300-tier freebie!

If the order has not yet shipped we can even combine the two orders and issue a refund for additional paid shipping!

For orders already placed with freebies - If a free tarantula offer was used, and during the new, lower price there is no such freebie offered, the value of the freebie will be deducted from the store credit voucher. 

For example: Carlos ordered 9 days ago and bought a $200 tarantula and got a freebie worth $14. He noticed the pricing on the same size and gender tarantula went down for our annual Black Friday sale. The same tarantula was only $169 for the sale, however during the Black Friday sale no freebie offers are valid. $200 (original cost) -$169 (sale price)= $31. $31 -$14 freebie value means Carlos can request a credit voucher for $17. If Tina ordered that same tarantula during the freebie offer and did not add the freebie to her order she would receive the full $31 store credit.

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Sign up for our newsletter! Our subscribers are always given the best offers. We only send a newsletter once a month typically even less. Occasionally we include special offers on Instagram and Facebook.

Please note special offers, discounts, freebies etc. are not given out via email/contact request. Special offers are reserved for Newsletter subscribers and those who follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

As always sales (including our GIANT yearly Black Friday sale) are of course open to the public.

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