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Brachypelma albopilosum (curlyhair tarantula) is docile and hardy. This makes for a good beginner tarantula. Long, curly setae "hairs" give this species a unique appearance. These well-started juveniles are beginning to show adult color. Pictured is one of the juveniles currently available.

Pictured is the exact specimen for sale, picture taken 11-12.

Avicularia avicularia is also known as the Pinktoe Tarantula. Juveniles and adults are metallic blue with bright pink toes. This species is docile but skittish. They area a great beginner arboreal and can make a good beginner tarantula. Arboreal Spiderling kit measures 2 1/4" square x 4 1/4" tall. This kit is recommended for arboreal spiderlings under 2"and  includes; Cube with 1" vent, Cocofiber substrate, Tree moss, Corkbark & Silk plant