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Terrestrial Mag-Terra Kit Set-Up

For this tutorial we’re going to build an Terrestrial Mag-Terra Kit for a juvenile Brachypelma hamorii (Mexican Red Knee) Female. She measures about 2" DLS.

As many of my customers have mentioned they do not have a hot glue gun so we will be assembling this kit without one.

The most common question I get with the Mag-Terra is: "What is the difference between the Arboreal/Fossorial and Terrestrial kits?"

They both include:

-4x4x6" Mag-Terra Enclosure

-Cocofiber substrate

-Cork Bark

-Tree Moss

-Water Bowl

So what's different?

-Cocofiber - The Arboreal/Fossorial includes one bag of cocofiber substrate while the Terrestrial has two bags.

-Cork Bark -The Arboreal/Fossorial includes a larger, flatter piece of cork bark while the Terrestrial has a smaller, half-round cork bark piece.

These subtle yet, big differences cater to particular types of tarantulas. Arboreal/Fossorial specimens will appreciate the space behind the cork bark flat to make their home while the terrestrial specimens will often use the half-round as a starter burrow.

As Brachypelma hamorii is a terrestrial species we will be using the Mag-Terra Terrestrial Kit for this particular specimen.

To be fair I went and grabbed the Enclosure Kit closest to me off the shelf. None of the elements were added or made specially for this article and accompanying photos. This kit was manufactured for sale to a customer.

First, add the bag of coco fiber substrate.

Next, add the cork bark.

I prefer to figure out where the plant is going before I add the moss. Again, more personal preference. If you like, add the moss before the plant.

Add the water bowl and fill with RO, purified, or (tested) spring water.

It is good to give the enclosure a mist on one side so the tarantula can drink the "dew" off the walls. For a species like Brachypelma hamorii I will let the enclosure dry out in-between misting.

You'll want to repeat this regularly as part as your husbandry routine.

And now the exciting part...adding the B. hamorii!

This little lady was not very interested in posing for the camera and quickly discovered her cork half-round was dark and cozy.

I don't want to disturb the little one for at least a week. It has been in it's previous enclosure about a year so I am sure it is disoriented and needs some time to adjust.

It will be exciting to see how over the course of the next few weeks this B. hamorii makes this little house its home. We will post and update soon!

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