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Why should I choose Jamie's Tarantulas? 

Want you to be happy with your order and are work very hard to do so! I, Jamie personally hand select and pack every single tarantula we ship. This is the only way to guarantee my customers receive best-quality tarantulas possible. We strive for superior quality and service and have between us more than three decades experience keeping over two hundred different tarantula species! We are not a Pet shop or reptile ship selling tarantulas, Tarantulas are our specialty!

To give our tarantulas the best possible diet we feed our roaches a blend of local organic produce, grains, bee pollen and other select ingredients... all to raise the healthiest and happiest tarantulas possible. Jamie's Cages were developed and originally built for our own use keeping and breeding tarantulas. We refined the design until satisfied. To this day all Jamie's Tarantulas brand enclosures are made in the USA.

We stand by our guarantee 100%, provided the terms are followed and we are contacted in the timeframe set forth in the LAG terms.

Where do you ship to?

We ship tarantulas to the contential US and Alaska, weather permitting. We cannot ship tarantulas or feeders to Hawaii, US islands/outlying territories however, we can ship you supplies & cages provided your mailing address is within the USA/islands/outlying territories.

We are sorry but we can not ship internationally at this time.

What does shipping cost?
We ship flat rate, no matter what you buy. Our flat rate shipping options and guarantee for each is detailed on our: Shipping & Live Arrival Guarantee/TOS Page

The only two current exceptions to the flat rate rule are the adult cages and the $1 special shipping books as they ship on their own, separate of your "flat rate shipping" order.

What's your shipping schedule?
Please note we ship according to our schedule, choosing expedited methods will only reduce the time your package spends in transit. Our regular shipping schedule is as follows. Orders placed:

Wednesday through Friday will ship Monday
Saturday and Sunday will ship Tuesday
Monday and Tuesday will ship Wednesday

Our current schedule including and updates due to holidays and/or closes can be found HERE

Where are you located? Where do you ship from? 
We are located and ship from Temecula, CA. Our warehouse & tarantula facility is in Aguanga, CA.

What about store pickup? Do you offer tours?
Tours and store pick-up are not available at this time. We can possibly schedule local delivery for large orders. A delivery fee may be applicable depending on the delivery location.

What if it's cold or hot?
Heat packs, cool packs, evaporative cooling, insulated boxes, and any other packing supplies needed to get you your order safely are included for no additional charge!

For the consideration of the live animals in your order, if weather that might delay shipment (snowstorm etc.) is forecasted please let us know in the order notes. We are happy to hold your order until weather improves!

We will check your temperature forecast the day your order is scheduled to ship. If we think weather is too hot and/or cold to get to you safely even with the special packing we will contact you. We ship assuming someone will be available to immediately take the shipment indoors.

What is your live arrival guarantee?

We live arrival guarantee:

Standard shipment for one hour after arrival. This means we need to be contacted within one hour with evidence of DOA for it to be covered.

Signature shipment is guaranteed for 48 hours provided it was signed for on the first attempt. This means we need to be contacted within 48 hours of arrival, and the package needs to be signed for on the first attempt for the DOA to be covered.

If no one is immediately available to sign for the package the carrier may (at their own discretion) sign for the package and leave it in a secure location. In this instance the live arrival guarantee is the same as standard shipping, we need to be contacted within one hour of the carrier leaving the package.

Hold for pickup: and you get the live arrival guarantee provided we're contacted the same day the package arrived at the pickup facility.

We stand by our guarantee 100%, provided the terms are followed and we are contacted in the timeframe stated above.

We don't want dead spiders and we don't want unhappy customers. Please be there to receive your shipment! If you can't be there just ask in the order to have it held for pickup!

Why one hour? 
If we ship your order the package should be fine, provided someone is able to take it indoors right away however, we would highly advise against leaving your package out in the elements.

We have done dozens of tests with insulated packing to insure we are shipping the best way possible. We've found insulated boxes shipped with heat packs tend to do fine while in transit, buffered from the elements however, when left in the elements such as in a mailbox, on a porch etc. after nearly an hour the little box with it's mini heater can't keep out all of Mother Nature's cold.

We ship assuming someone will be available to immediately take the shipment indoors. If this is not the case please contact us before ordering so we can make other arrangements such as shipping for the order to arrive on a say you're home, or hold for pickup. We want your tarantula to arrive safe, and in the rare case it doesn't we want you to be covered under our live arrival guarantee so please, please be there for your live animal(s)!

How do I track my package?
Tracking will be emailed to your the evening your order ships.

When you place an order please provide a valid email address, this is the address we will use to email your tracking number.

Why does my tracking number say "invalid", "not found" or "no such number"? 
Tracking will display one of these, or a similar message until it's first scanned in. The packages typically get scanned between 2-10pm PST the afternoon/night the order ships.

How do I sign up for text and/or email alerts?
Once the tracking link is active (scanned in) you can sign up for tracking alerts via your tracking number/page.

What is the gender? Can I choose the gender?
If the gender is known it will be stated in the title. If there is no gender stated in the title the specimen is sold as "unsexed" as we do not know the specimens gender at this time.

We are unable to determine or guess as to the gender of unsexed specimens.

How is gender determined? Why can't you determine the gender of small tarantulas?

How do you measure?

How to read the tarantulas ad, species, scientific name, common name (if), gender (if), size, number, explanation in correct order with screen shot. should have cage and food recommendation if not ask!

Is a tarantula a good pet for me?
weekly, monthly responsibilities, heating, feeding

Can I keep them together?
The short answer is NO, you will end up with one big fat tarnautla but... there are a few exceptions, with a few species, under a few select circumstances. One should not consider a communal (enclosure with multiple tarantulas) until they are intermediate to advanced keepers. If you'd like to learn more about communals LINKS

I think I am ready for a tarantula, what do you recommend for me a beginner?
All my personal recommendations (currently for sale) can be found in the beginners sections

What type of tarantula should I choose?
new, terrestrial, over 1" why all those criteria

Do you have my desired tarantula(s)? I don't see it in your store.
we don't know but typically post


Too big or small


Water? Mist? Bowl? 
there is info about watering in the feeding article LINK.

Is that the photo of the actual tarantula?
Unless stated the photo is a stock photo representing the species

Can you get a photo of the actual tarantula?
I apologize, we are unable to accommodate individual photo requests at this time.

Do you offer freebies, coupons and/or discounts?
We occasionally send out special offers such as coupons, freebies & discounts to our newsletter subscribers.

How do I sign up for the newsletter?

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