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Shipping Policy

IMPORTANT! If your weather forecasted is below 40f (night time lows) or above 80f (daytime high)

or If there is any discrepancy in our shipping program or FedEx regarding your shipping address,

we may automatically have your order held for pickup!

There are no exceptions to these terms and conditions, so please read them carefully and be sure you are willing to abide by them before ordering.
Our regular shipping schedule is as follows. Orders placed:

Tuesday through Saturday will ship Monday
Saturday through Monday will ship Tuesday

Please do not order unless you are willing & able to accommodate a possible shipping delay.
We pack accordingly and live arrival guarantee ALL properly received orders including delays (see detailed LAG terms below)

Orders will ship according to our schedule, excluding holidays, regardless of the shipping method chosen. Choosing expedited shipping methods will only reduce the amount of time your order spends in transit. 

The tracking link will be emailed via the evening the order is shipped. The tracking email will be sent separate of your ship notice email. The tracking link will appear "not found" or "invalid" until the package is scanned at the main sort facility.

Please be patient, tracking will update later that night, PST. The active tracking link will provide an expected delivery date. From the active link you're able to sign up for email or text alerts which we highly recommend. This will notify you via text or email when the package is out for delivery.

Your order will ship as stated above PST. In some cases we are able to ship your order a day or more ahead of schedule. If we are able to do this, we will so automatically. If your order must ship on a specific date (Shipping days are  Monday and Tuesday only) Please indicate in the order notes. We pack according to the forecast on the scheduled arrival date. If we must hold your package for any reason (such as very hot or cold weather) you will be notified via the tracking link. If needed heat packs/cool packs and insulated boxes are automatically included for no additional charge. Your order will arrive 1-3 days after it is shipped depending on your location and the shipping type chosen.

Jamie's Tarantulas ships live invertebrates year-round to the continental United States, to Alaska in the summer and cages/supplies to Hawaii. We not ship internationally at this time. 

We live arrival guarantee EVERYTHING as long as our terms (outlined on this page) are followed.  

Please read this page carefully as we do not make exceptions to our LAG policies. 

Jamie's Tarantulas has FLAT RATE shipping so there is one shipping cost, not matter what or how much you buy* 

*Exceptions: Adult and XL cages ship via ground service FREE. Ground typically takes 3-9 business days, 1-2 day Express there is a 2lb limit for the flat rate option.


1-3 Day Standard Delivery, waiver of signature $15: 
Choose this option for regular supply/cage orders. For live orders, dead on arrival (DOA) claims are valid only if I am contacted within one hour of the shipment being delivered. 

1-3 Day Signature Delivery $17.50: 
Live arrival and health of all invertebrates guaranteed for 48 hours after the package was signed for. Claims are only valid if I am contacted within the 48 hours of arrival. Live arrival and 48 hour health guarantee is void if the package was not signed for on the first attempt. 

Specimens marked ** we are only willing to ship via Expedited methods 

1-2 Day non-signature $45: please put “non-signature”  in the order notes upon checkout. If requested to ship non-signature, to leave package on doorstep etc. or if otherwise the package is non-signature for delivery dead on arrival (DOA) claims are valid only if I am contacted within one hour of the shipment being delivered. Customer must put non signature in the notes while checking out to have this option.

1-2 Day Signature $45: 
Live arrival and health of all invertebrates guaranteed for 72 hours after the package was signed for. Claims are only valid if I am contacted within the 72 hours of arrival. Live arrival and 72 hour health guarantee is void if the package was not signed for on the first attempt. If the order total is over 3 lbs and/or over one cubic foot the "dry goods" may be shipped separate of your live goods, 1-3 day. If your live order needs to arrive the same time as the cages/supplies please specify in the notes, we will ship accordingly.

For those who prefer FedEx (Overnight, 2-day AM etc.) or other such special service please get $45 shipping and indicate your desired service (overnight, 2 day) in the notes upon checkout. We will contact you with quotes if the amount paid for shipping does not cover the requested service. A
If you would ike to add a signature with FedEx please request in the order notes. FedEx signature is an extra $7. We apologize for the high cost however, this is what the carrier charges for the service now. 

 We must receive a photo of the tarantula in it's enclosure within one hour of delivery. 
Warranties are only valid if the specimen is housed in one of the enclosures we offer on this website, and it is of the proper size and type.
Warranties are only valid if proper husbandry is demonstrated.
Modifying our cages design or functionality in any way is not recommended will void both the extended guarantee & enclosure warranty.
The container the tarantula is shipped in is not an enclosure. We highly recommend rehousing the specimen from the shipping container into a proper enclosure as soon as possible. 

Ground Shipping: Adult and XL Cage and Large Dry Goods Orders:
Adult cages (7x7x11, 8x8x14"), XL adult (10x010x20") and large supply/cage orders (over 4-6 pounds, depending on size) will be shipped ground service and may take an additional 1-6 business days to arrive. If your live order needs to arrive the same time as the cages/supplies please specify in the notes, we will ship accordingly. We cannot ship Adult and XL cages 1-2 or 1-3 day as the cost for expedited shipping for such a large items often exceeds the cost of the cage. 

We guarantee we have the tarantula(s) you ordered in stock or we'll give you $5 off your next order


Tarantulas are measured in inches, outstretched diagonal leg span. We include the measurement in the title for easy reference. Here is: HOW WE MEASURE

If no gender is stated in the title the specimen is unsexed. If a tarantulas gender is known it will be sold as such.

If a confirmed female is desired our current (fully up to date) list of all the females we have available can be found under the females tab top left.  

Spiderlings (baby tarantulas) are sold as unsexed as they are far too small to determine or even guess their gender. Thank you for not asking us to "pick a female" or to send a larger/smaller specimen. If an unsexed was ordered we will send an unsexed specimen regardless of customer requested gender preference in the order notes. With an unsexed tarantula the chance of getting a female is about 50/50. Here is how we determine gender & more details regarding our gender policy. 

Occasionally we have "suspect males" available.  In this instance I have not been able to confirm gender 100% however, I speculate the specimen to be male. It is only fair to share this suspicion with the potential buyer. Gender is not guaranteed on suspect males.

We do not sell "suspect females" at this time.

We always pick the healthiest & best-looking specimens to send.

Photos are stock photos representing the species unless otherwise stated. We currently are unable to fulfill picture requests of the actual individuals for sale.

Tarantulas are sold on a first-come first-serve basis. We do not hold tarantulas unless they are prepaid.

We are currently unable to include freebies and/or discounts just because of a request in the order notes, email or otherwise. If such an arrangement is requested and we make a special exception it is unfair to everyone else who did not make the same request.

If you are interested in discounts, coupons, freebies and announcements sign up for our newsletter. Newsletter subscribers occasionally get special offers delivered right to their inbox. 

No roach sales to Florida. Those who order roaches to be shipped to FL will automatically have the roaches removed/refunded from the shipment. 

At this time we are unable to offer a refund for the cost of shipping for orders delivered late.  
We are happy to provide all the information needed if the customer would like to fight in hopes of getting a shipping refund from the carrier.

Our contact information can be found on our Contact Us/ FAQ page. We hope you will take the time to look over our FAQ and care pages before contacting us as many of the questions we receive are answered on our website. Please understand we are only two people and will get to your email as soon as we can.

Our business days are Monday through Wednesday. We ship from Temecula, CA.

Contact us:

Jamiestarantulas @ gmail. com

Orders marked Complete means we have received the order/payment and are preparing to ship

Orders marked shipped means the order has been shipped, and tracking will be available in your account and a copy of tracking will be sent to the account on file. Be sure to check spam for your tracking email. 


If a tarantula arrives in less than perfect condition we must be contacted within the timeframe specified above with photo or video evidence for the shipment to be covered. 

We will cover all DOA's that meet our terms of service (this page) including LAG replacement shipping service of our choice. Instructions for receiving a replacement/refund are as follows: 

  1. Send us your name, order number and clear picture of the box, label and dead on arrival tarantula/feeders. Keep the DOA tarantula/feeders until we give the OK to discard. If the picture is unclear we will require the tarantula/feeders to sent back at buyers expense for verification.

  2. Please specify if you would like a replacement, store credit, an item/items of equal or lesser value or a refund minus shipping cost. If a replacement is desired please provide the address and date you would like the specified replacement shipped. We cover the cost of replacement shipping and ship replacements via our choice of shipping service.


Tracking your package: Tracking is sent via an automated system. For this reason tracking emails sometimes get caught in spam/junk filters. We highly recommend adding Jamiestarantulas.com, Stamps.com, FedEx.com & UPS.com to your "safe" list so there is no issue receiving your tracking information, order conformation or if we need to contact you. We want to make sure you receive your tracking information in a timely manner. If tracking is not received by 7PM PST the day the order ships please contact us for tracking information. 

Shipping Address: Please double check your shipping address. If your order is shipped to the wrong address as provided by purchaser we cannot be liable for the shipment.
Carrier-Specific Addresses: If the receiving location will only accept packages from a specific carrier(s) we MUST be notified prior to shipment as we are not responsible for DOAs as a result of a returned package.

Receiving your order: We cannot/will not fulfill requests to "call and/or text when the order is shipped and/or out for delivery." Customers may choose to sign up for shipping updates via the active tracking number. Updates can be sent to your email or phone per your request. We cannot choose the time of day your package arrives. If you need it to arrive certain day(s) or during a specific timeframe we recommend requesting a "hold for pickup" in the order notes. We will live arrival guarantee all hold for pickup orders provided we are contacted with photographic evidence the same day of arrival. 

Delayed packages: Once the package leaves our hands it is out of our control. It is not uncommon for a package to experience a carrier delay. 
Orders are NOT guaranteed to arrive overnight or by the estimated date/time on your tracking number.
We are unable to refund shipping charges for orders that do not arrive by the estimated delivery date and/or time.
We pack healthy tarantulas and pack well. Despite the delay they are live arrival guaranteed provided these terms are followed.
If a package is delayed we will wait 21 days before sending another.
Since COVID there have been a lot of delays. If you are unwilling to be patient and courteous in case of delay please do not order from us.

Please contact us, prior to ordering, with any concerns regarding receiving your order.

Canceling or changing and order: All sales are final. Refunds for orders not yet shipped require a restocking fee of 10% of the total purchase price. Undeliverable orders returned will be refunded less shipping and a 15% restocking fee only if tarantulas return alive and in good health. Returns: We accept returns of unopened, unused products only minus actual shipping price and a 15% restocking fee. Return shipping to be paid by purchaser

We can ship on a customers Fedex account provided the customer covers the $5 insulated box.
We are no longer able to ship customers UPS account numbers and apologize for any inconvenience.  

WE ARE HAPPY TO WRITE WHATEVER YOU LIKE ON THE BOX, however we cannot be held responsible if you don’t get your package safely because the delivery person did not “deliver between 5-8PM” or “Text 555-555-5555 if no one is home” or "take the package to the front door instead of the mailbox" or "leave the package in the blue kia and honk the horn" etc. as requested in the notes.  Gates, doors, dogs, stairs, a long walk, an alternate address if no one answers at the first, a phone call or text required for delivery and other such considerations can and often will cause a missed delivery. Keep in mind the delivery person is NOT required by their employer to take any additional steps to deliver the package. In fact they are often discouraged from doing so due to liability and time constraints. Please make sure someone is available to physically receive the package.  Signature shipping is highly recommended

Bites of certain species (Especially those of "Old World" tarantulas) can cause cramping, pain, nausea, discomfort and in some cases fever. If you are an inexperienced tarantula keeper or if you have small children or pets we highly recommend recommend keeping tarantulas of the Avicularia, Brachypelma and Grammostola as these species have a mild bite. By ordering from us you agree to hold Jamie's Tarantulas and all associates harmless from any responsibility or liability in relation to any injury resulting from a tarantula bite and/or urticating hairs.

It is your responsibility to properly research and abide to all federal, state, and local laws which apply to your ownership of any invertebrates that you may purchase from us. By ordering from us you agree to hold us harmless from any responsibility or liability resulting from receiving, possession or ownership of said invertebrates. We do not ship invertebrates internationally or to Hawaii. We do not ship roaches to Florida.

Stolen packages: Jamie's Tarantulas is not liable for stolen packages. Please be sure someone is home to receive the shipment or it can be left in a secure location out of the elements. If this is not possible please contact us to make other arrangements. If you would like the package to be marked "hold for pickup" please indicate in the notes. Thank you for reading the shipping terms. I know it is a lot and we appreaciate it. Provided these instructions can be followed take 10% off your order for reading our general store,  shippping and LAG terms and conditions. Click the cart icon at the top of the page then the grey “view cart” button on the left. Click “use  cou pon c ode” and type ReadLAGTOS. Once this is done then you can proceed to checkout with a 10% discount off your order.

Shipping overcharges: Please note we will not be liable for customer-paid shipping overcharges.  If we are not present to verify the overcharge was warranted we cannot be held liable. If the carrier claims additional additional postage is due, and the package will not be released until the difference is paid you have the right to ask the carrier to weigh the packages an other certified scales. If there is still a discrepancy do not pay, refuse the package and have it sent back to us. At this time we'll likely ship out a replacement order. 

By ordering from us you acknowledge you are 18 or older and agree to all our terms of service including our shipping and live arrival guarantee policy.

Please re-read the terms every time an order is placed as they may change at anytime, without notice. 

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